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I was born not far from those places and for me, it was a chance to come back in time to my childhood sprinkled with horses... gooses and carts. It was another chance to come back in time to people tightly connected to the earth.


(2018 -  )

 Many are flying to Cuba to enter into the fifties. I take a plane to Erevan.  It is only two hours flight from Tel Aviv and I plunge into my distant past. I find myself into Sovok (how we called the Soviet Union) time. Nothing changed here.. the same cars, the same buildings with hospitable and modest people I have ever seen. I love you, Armenia!    



Trip to South Gobi in Early March for the Camel Festival

Neringa Lithuania

Each summer we are coming to Neringa. There is the most beautiful place in the world. This collection is the result of our easygoing wandering among the dunes. 

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