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It started with Gaja wine.. A glass of wine spilled on Leica SL2 and M10. I did not attach much importance to this. I just swept wine from the bodies but M10 stopped working. It is a long and sad story and I won't bore you with breathtaking descriptions of how I sobbed on a lifeless M10 body.

So I sent "the lifeless body" for repair (it was still on warranty) but after three months of waiting, I got an email from Leica with the depicted damage caused by Italian wine and the bill which I simply can't pay.

According to Russian tradition, I washed down the grief ... again with Gaja and started to figure out what to do. Because I am shooting with prime lenses I always need two small bodies. That's how I found Sigma fp.

So I am not a videographer of any kind. So my main Sigma fp usage is photography using Leica M-mount lenses, thanks to the L-mount alliance. So all that complains about Sigma contrast-based autofocus issues are not applicable to me. I just do it manually.

So how about the camera. It is a stunning piece of gear but..

There are several big and small flaws. First, Sigma fp is "modular design". You will need an optical viewfinder to be able to shoot outdoors. This accessory is screwed to the body and you have to carry hex key to do it. The camera with an attached viewfinder is pretty bulky and I have to remove an attachment each time after the shooting. It is pretty annoying. Also, a flash hot shoe is another module with another screw. What is interesting that the L-mount alliance does not cover hot-shoe layout so for each manufacture you should have dedicated speedlights even if you don't need TTL function and firing flash manually.

What most interesting in Sigma modular design that if you attached viewfinder you can't change/move focus point because it can be done only as LCD touch functions. That also hurts. Also, battery life is less than average but and here is most important I think ... this camera produces stunning quality pictures and that's most important.

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