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Edward Steichen and Pictorialism

Edward Steichen is one of the most famous photographers. His life and his achievements are far beyond this post and my knowledge. I just would like to show several frames from Steichen's so-called "Pictorialism period" which I like very much. It was the time (beginning of the 20th century) when photography was something "not clear" between art and science and pictorialism photographers are trying to proclaim photography as the art and looking for expression in their works as a way of distinguishing photography from science.

Maria-Teresa Duncan on the Acropolis, 1921

Clarence H. White (1903)

Mrs, Conde Nast, Paris (1907)

Mrs, Conde Nast, Paris (1907)

Stieglitz and Kitty, New York (1904)

The Cat - Gloria Swanson (1924)

At the piano (1900 - 1903)

The Mirror (1901)

Mercedes de Cordoba, New York (1904)

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