Looking for hell 

Covid lockdown nightmares

This series was done during my COVID-19 lockdown. Sitting at home I review my previous images from North of the Dead sea in a totally different way revealing fear and uncertainty of the moment. 

Floating Project

Looking for  Invisible bond 

People have always been fascinated by the Dead Sea. Over the centuries, This place has been a refuge for messiahs, zealots, martyrs, kings, and ascetics. People prayed, sinned, healed and kill each other on its shores. They built dams and plants, drilled wells, cut the sea from any source of freshwater and left it to die. And meanwhile, we continue praying, sinning and killing each other, moving our beach chairs and sunshades deeper and deeper, silently following the disappearing sea.

Sodom project

The project had been filmed on Ein Bokek Beach (Dead Sea) just below Sodom mountain. That’s why it was called  “Sodom”. This project is about the indescribable beauty of the Dead Sea and its magical influence on us. Over thousands of years, people are coming to these places and are spellbound by this magic.  Grew up on Andrei Tarkovky films, the Dead Sea for me is “the Zone” from Stalker (1979)- an area in which the normal laws of reality do not apply…  where every wish comes true…

The plastic nature

This series is about our consumer attitude toward the perception of nature which is in many cases (especially the Dead Sea) just comfortable substitute for such... 

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